RG III Has A Lot Of Work To Do If He Wants To Play QB For The Browns After Dabo Swinney DUSTED Him

When the news broke that Deshaun Watson went down for the year and the Brown were now desperate for a QB. Everyone came out of the woodwork. Most notably, RG3 who plead his case:


It’s certainly been a while since he suited up and the first question for me would be “is he able to keep up with the speed of the league?” after such a layoff in pads. I think we got a resounding NO to that question after watching Pastor Dabo aka the Holy Roller absolutely DUST him while running down the hill. 

I gotta say I’m happy. Anytime guys act like they still have something in the tank or plead to get on a roster it dominates social and it poses insane hypotheticals or we then have to watch them on a talking heads show pleading there case. It’s annoying. You finished playing, you can’t play anymore. Give it up, RG3 gets paid real well to act like an idiot and dress like a bigger idiot on tv. But he obviously can't play anymore.

Dabo is extremely unlikable but I mark this one as a big win that he finally ended any discussion of RG3 coming back.