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Jalen Hurts Ditches The Knee Brace As The Eagles Are Headed Into "THE GAUNTLET"


It's no secret QB1 has been banged up before the much needed BYE Week. Anyone with eyes could tell Hurts was playing well below 100% and was in a great deal of pain. But you know what our hero did? He sacked up. Hard. Hurts played thru whatever apparent knee injury he suffered and guided the Philadelphia Eagles to an NFL best 8-1 record. Oh, that also means he's 25-2(!!!) in his last 27 regular season starts, a stat that simply isn't talked about enough. 

And now, Hurts is healthy(ish) enough to be brace-less into THE GAUNTLET. What is The Gauntlet, you ask? It's the 5 games directly after the BYE for the Philadelphia Eagles. A stretch of filth and despair that's ultimately going to decide if the Birds go back-to-back as #1 seed in the NFC (and secure the almighty Playoff BYE in the process) or simply head into the playoffs as NFC East winning or - God Help Us All - Wildcard Peasants. 

  • Week 11 at Chiefs
  • Week 12 vs Bills
  • Week 13 vs 49ers
  • Week 14 at Cowboys
  • Week 15 at Seahawks

Damn. Damn. Damn. Damn. Damn. 

And that's not even mentioning the Cowboys victory before the BYE. Even with the Bills being an underperforming .500 at 5-5, the overall record of these squads left is 30-22 with a LOT of meat/wins left on the bone. It ain't gonna be easy, especially since the Swift Script seems to already be written for MNF in Kansas City. 

Regardless, the Eagles HAVE to go at least 3-2, if not 4-1 in these next 5 to be confident in the #1 NFC seed. Why? Those darn Detroit Lions are currently 7-2 and have one of the weakest schedules in the league remaining on their board. Bears, Packers, @Saints, @Bears, Broncos, @Vikings, @Cowboys, Vikings. Dan Campbell can realistically win 13+ games this season which means every single game the Eagles have left is just as important. Not to mention if the Eagles fall to the 49ers then SF is right in the mix with the hu tiebreaker over the Birds. 


Let's get thru these next 5 games healthy, sharp, and as one. Hopefully 13-1. Go Birds. 

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