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"I Am Not Curious About Anything That Has Really Happened" - One Dullard's Reason For Why He Doesn't Use Wikipedia

On the last ep of The Bracket, we had Marty and Klemmer on to debate the best things to do when you're bored. One of our suggestions, wiki rabbit holes, was something that Steven Cheah's special brain simply could not comprehend AT ALL. This lead to the quote in the title which is up there among my favorite Cheah moments from the entire history of the show. 

Personally, I LOVE wiki rabbit holes. In fact, I used to do a blog series highlighting wiki articles that I found interesting (numbers were not good enough to justify the time they took). I spend almost every night going through a nesting doll of links on random shit in history. I can't even imagine a world without it to be honest. 

Anyway, you can watch the full episode below. 

ICYMI, here are some of the previous eps as well.