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Put This Man In The Beer League Hall Of Fame Right Now

When you're playing beer league hockey, there are 2 players on your roster who are far more important than anybody else. The first is going to be the goalie. You can't play without one. I could, but nobody wants to do the whole "flip the net over and play with 6 guys the whole night". It ruins it for everyone. But finding someone who is willing and able to strap on the pads for a 10pm game every week knowing damn well that nobody is actually going to play a lick of defense? Those guys are hard to come by. 

But the second most important guy on the team isn't the one who is going to be scoring all the goals. He's not making flashy plays. It's the guy who shows up to the locker room every week with drinks for the boys. The whole reason you play beer league in the first place is to be in the locker room with the fellas. Win, lose, get mercy rule'd, whatever. It doesn't matter. You show up every week to have a few cold ones with the fellas and pretend like you're all in your early 20s again. Every team needs that one guy who is going to get the party started. 

And this fella right here? Well it doesn't get much better than that. He's got this thing on lock. The suitcase totally dedicated to the beers, the theatrics, the passion and energy. This is a guy who any beer league squad would love to have on their team. Doesn't matter if he's nasty on the ice or absolute dog shit, he instantly makes every team he's on better. And from the looks of it, maybe he even puts in a few shifts as a ref throughout the game. Just doing a little bit of everything out there. 

If there were ever a special wing in the Hockey Hall of Fame for beer leaguers, this beauty would be a first-ballot. 

Sidenote: I might need to come out of retirement and find a new team soon to bring back Beer League Heroes.