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Serial Wedding Crasher Busted Robbing Receptions Across The Southeast After 6-Year Crime Spree

Daily Mail - A Mississippi woman dubbed a 'serial wedding crasher' who spent the last six years pretending to be a wedding guest - and stealing thousands in cash and gifts - is free again after posting bond. 

Sandra Lynn Henson, 57, was arrested on September 30 at a wedding ceremony at Lily Creek Farm in Belden, Mississippi and charged with petit larceny, trespassing and disturbing the peace.

She has since bonded out of jail, Pontotoc Sheriff Leo Mask said. It's unclear how much money she had to post to be freed.

If I could build a person to complete a string of wedding envelope heists, she would look exactly like this woman. The most average, non-descript, unsuspecting person of all time. If I saw this complete stranger at my own wedding, she wouldn't even register in my brain. She could be an employee of the venue, my wife's aunt, some broad my divorced uncle is trying to bang, could be anyone. That's the type of person you see and just move on to the next. Nothing especially good about her, nothing especially bad, but never would I look at this woman and think she's a criminal. The the most unassuming looking person in the history of people.

But she flew too close to the sun. After 6 years of stealing $40 envelopes and Pottery Barn appliances gifted to newlyweds, the feds finally caught up with Sandra Lynn Henson. She just had to go for that extra slice of cake.

Henson was caught eating a piece of cake by the bride's sister before she handed over $200 she stole, when family members threatened her

I'm sure it's tempting to get your hands on some of that free wedding food. And I'm sure part of her strategy to stealing envelopes was to first establish some sort of presence. But you gotta be quicker than that. You can't linger. Just walk in, hang out in the back, maybe make small talk with one other person who looks like they don't want to be there, wait for some sort of toast, then grab a stack of envelopes and get the hell out of there. And if you must steal a slice of cake, at least take it to go. 

It's definitely not the not worst caper I've ever heard. Everybody has their guard down at weddings. Even the bride and groom don't always know everybody in attendance. Most people are too busy guzzling down free alcohol until they've worked up enough courage to hit the dance floor to pay attention of anyone aside from the other hot singles in attendance. If you can get away from the reception with the envelopes, you're home free. Nobody will probably ever know. The wedding guests will simply think the married couple rudely didn't write them a thank you, and it'll never be brought up again.

Obviously this woman is a piece of shit and deserves to be punished. However, it sounds like she immediately posted bond and is back on the streets. Just some hair dye and a pair of glasses and Sandra will be crashing weddings again this weekend. So eyes peeled if you plan on getting hitched this weekend. If you meet an older woman eating a slice of wedding cake who you don't recognize, and she gives you some vague story about how she used to work with your wife's friend, it might be Sandra.