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The Detroit Tigers Hit A Home Run Hiring Jason Benetti To Be Their Play-By-Play Guy

I feel like it’s pretty on-brand for me to be doing cartwheels because my baseball team just hired a broadcaster, but this is really goddamn exciting. I’ve been pretty hesitant about criticizing the Tigers TV crew from the past. They were considered among the worst in baseball for a long time. I kind of shrugged my shoulders at it. If I don’t particularly care for the broadcast team, I can mute the television, but if I love the team, I can turn up the volume. I will turn up the volume for Jason Benetti.

It might be silly to wax poetic about a broadcasting hire, but the Detroit Tigers are starting to no longer feel like a fucking Mickey Mouse operation. They’re hiring professionals to do professional jobs. There is one huge hurdle that they need to get over now: they need to put together a team that can make the playoffs. I don’t think they are as far away as people think. They were 78 win ball club last year. This division isn’t any good, and you have a lot of money to spend. Nothing would please me more than to hear Jason Benetti early in his tenure for the Detroit Tigers being on the call when they win the American League Central. 

On a personal level, I’m sure that Jason Benetti‘s journey to Detroit will connect with many fans. The one thing I can guarantee, Tiger fans, is the guy will come prepared. No corners will be cut, and he’s not going to half-ass anything. I expect he’ll have solid chemistry with the analysts in the booth. This is one of the greatest upgrades in Detroit Tigers history.