Texas Radio Host Pays His Dues And Gets A Tattoo On His Ass Live On Air Because The Rangers Won The World Series

That is how you do it Chris Russo! If you say you're gonna do something, you do it. You lose a bet, you take your punishment.

That is what happened with a radio host in Texas named Jeff Cavanaugh when he said he would get a tattoo on his ass if the Rangers won it all. It all started from a quote by Bruce Bochy. 

"Earlier his season, when asked about the team’s chances to make the postseason, Texas Rangers manager Bruce Bochy told reporters “The only thing I need to know right now — (Rangers catcher Austin Hedges) what’s the number on your ass right now?”, with many speculating that Hedges was keeping track of the “magic number” of wins needed to win the World Series.

While following the Texas Rangers throughout the MLB Postseason, Jeff Cavanaugh exclaimed on the air, “If the Rangers win it all, I’ll get a tattoo with the number zero on my ass!” after the team beat the Baltimore Orioles in the ALDS."

You know the rest from there. The Rangers took care of the Astros in the ALDS before steamrolling the Diamondbacks on their way to their first ever World Series title as well as a tattoo on the ass of Cavanaugh. And I'll be honest, it came out nicely. 

I think the Rangers have a really good logo and it came out good. Nice colors and not too big. But it is right smack in the middle of your ass cheek. I can't imagine how that thing is going to feel when it's healing then scabs up and it's going to be very tough to not scratch that. The tattoo itself probably didn't hurt too bad since ass cheek is just flab and but ass meat, nothing too sensitive or painful. The position he was laying in looked like it would hurt, but I can't imagine this felt too bad. 

All in all this is a very radio host thing to do. Go nuts, predict your team to win it all and say you'll tat your ass if they do, then follow through with it for more ratings. Well again, unless you are Chris Russo, who is now known as the Mad Fraud.