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Jailton Almeida Grapplefucks Derrick Lewis For Five Straight Rounds In A Super Boring Main Event

Well that sucked.

I mean, credit to Jailton Almeida for controlling and completely dominating Derrick Lewis for five straight rounds (and credit to Derrick Lewis for lasting as long as he did, I guess) - but that shit was so boring we midas whale have just gone to bed early tonight. 

Almeida spent 99% of the fight in full mount and barely put Lewis in danger for a single second of that fiver round main event. He just sat there on top of him, allowing Derrick to control his hands, getting yelled at by Marc Goddard for inactivity. It was outrageous. 

In fact, instead of talk about this shitshow for a single more second, I'd recommend you just direct your attention to this video Quigs posted from the Natasha Bedingfield concert in Chicago tonight....

That was much better than the UFC Sao Paulo main event. Shoutout to Weishfest for putting on a sweet event for a great cause....

….and honestly, shoutout to Chief, because this Draft Pick has aged like fine wine in the last few years….

At least we didn't have to see Derrick Lewis get finished tonight? I dunno, man. 

I got no spinzones for this. There's no salvaging that one. It stunk. P-U.