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The Crazy Plane Lady Tiffany Gomas And Clinton Portis Are Both On Our Gambling Cave Livestream And I Feel Like I'm In A Fever Dream

What the fuck is going on right now? It must be nice to live in Chicago with a brand new shiny office filled with a basketball court, BodyArmor water fountain, probably an in-house hibachi chef, and more. We barely have wifi in Manhattan so who knows if this even gets published. And now they get the crazy plane lady on livestream in what is I believe her first live appearance since the infamous incident? There was a couple weeks here at Barstool that she was the entirety of our blog. It was a bunch of us trying to capitalize on pageviews, even so much that Chief stole one of my blogs on her because he knew he needed to get his count up. True chaos and if there's anyone on the planet that are Tiffany Gomas stans, it's the people on this pirate ship. Clinton Portis being there too is maybe one of the most fever dream mashup scenarios you could ever have. It's truly unbelievable. Anyway, I could keep you here and write about how jealous I am that Chicago gets everything while we're basically in prison here, but just go watch the stream instead:


Oh by the way, new Tiffany bangers just dropped too:

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