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Jon Jones Is OUT Of UFC 295's Main Event - Fight With Stipe Miocic At MSG Cancelled

Another day, another Jon Jones main event cancelled! 

At least this one is because of an injury and not another failed drug test - but c'mon, Cody Rhodes wrestled an entire HELL IN A CELL match just 4 days after tearing his pec! You're tellin me Jones can't fight Stipe in two weeks with the same injury?!


Late last night, Dana White broke the news that UFC 295's main event of Jon Jones vs Stipe Miocic for the UFC Heavyweight Championship has unfortunately been cancelled due to Jones tearing his pec off the bone while training last night. They even included the video of the pec tear itself, just so we know there's no funny business at play here. He'll require surgery and be out at least 8 months.

Alex Pereira vs Jiri Prochazka for the vacant UFC Light Heavyweight Championship has now been promoted to that main event slot, and an Interim UFC Heavyweight Championship bout between Tom Aspinall and Sergei Pavlovich has been added to the 30th Anniversary card as a co-main….

I know a lot of people are gonna be bummed about this - ESPECIALLY the ticket holders who bought in at Jon Jones headining price - but that Aspinall/Pavlovich fight is as good as it gets, and a much more even matchup than Jones/Miocic in my opinion. 

Both guys are on the rise in the heavyweight division (opposed to Jones and Miocic who are both likely on the verge of retirement); Aspinall is from the Greater Manchester area, he's coming off a big 60-sec win in London, and he has a great down-to-earth personality - while Pavlovich is a knockout machine from Russia currently on a six-fight streak of his opponents not making it outta the first round. He's the current boogeyman looming in that division. 

If Aspinall can beat him, though, and calls out Jon Jones again - we may have a new heavyweight superstar on our hands….

It's a matchup made it heaven. Both guys are going to be fighting to impress, hoping to be able to urge Jon Jones to stick around for one more after he eventually fights Stipe Miocic, and both guys have the potential to put each other's lights out real quick.

Plus, the co-main of Alex Pereira vs Jiri Prochazka that has now been promoted to the main event slot is an absolute BANGER on paper, too! 

Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champ Jiri Prochazka is returning from a 16-month layoff after suffering what Dana White called the worst shoulder injury in UFC history, but prior to that, was on a run for the ages….

Jiri's returning next month to attempt to regain the title he never lost, and Alex Pereira will meet him there in only his second Light Heavyweight bout ever. Pereira's always been huge for Middleweight, though, and he just defeated former Light Heavyweight Champ Jan Blanchowicz in his LHW debut, so this should be pretty even too. These guys are both legit lunatics in the octagon (and possibly outside of the octagon) who throw down every single time they're in there, and I expect this to be ultra violent and ultra chaotic.

I could keep on rambling, but moral of the story here? Don't worry about losing Jones/Miocic, this card still rocks. 

Let's just get Leon Edwards and Colby Covington wrapped in bubblewrap before their December main event. We can't go 3/3 on PPV main event cancellations to end the year.