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The Rangers Brought Creed Into The Ballpark And Naturally Got Handed Their First Loss Of The Postseason

Did we just witness the end of the funniest tradition we've seen started in the last 2 weeks? I think so. The Rangers have fully adopted "Higher" by Creed to be their song and the fans took it and ran. They were singing it in the crowd and then eventually got it put up on the big screen for one big singalong. It was pretty funny when they did it in Game 3 of the ALDS while embarrassing my Orioles. Fast forward to their next home game which was last night and we got a real live Creed appearance at Globe Life Ballpark as the Rangers looked to go up 3-0 on the Astros. They did the full singalong and everything, it was amazing. 

And then the Rangers lost their first game all playoffs and now I think the Rangers have to ditch Creed and the "Higher" singalong. They were 7-0 in the postseason before Creed stepped foot into the building, now they're 0-1 in their last 1 games. Baseball players are creatures of habit. If they win one day they do the same exact thing they did just to get that same result, so if I'm Corey Seager I'm begging the Rangers to stop the Creed singing. Max Scherzer probably wants these guys dead. His first start back in over a month and he shits the bed as people are singing "Higher" behind him, he probably loved that. Tough look for the Rangers to adopt Creed as their spirit animal and take on that identity only to lose right in front of them. Now we wait and see if they run it back, but if they do then Creed can NOT be in the building for it.