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There's No Point For Messi's Bodyguard Anymore After Peru's Goalie Helped Take Out A Fan On The Field And Launched His Phone To The Moon

Where the fuck is Messi's bodyguard here? We've heard all the stories about this big bad guy and you have Peru's goalie launching the phone to the moon? Step up one time guy. 

The security here needs to step up their tackling game. Go get some lessons from the Phillies guys. It's pretty weak, even by soccer standards. An ankle tackle? What is this? Lay someone out! Lead with the shoulder and go right into the gut. Take out any targeting, even with Goodell's bullshit. Don't put your bodyweight on him. 

Now to talk about the goalie. Great move. I love snatching the dudes phone and launching it. You want to come onto the field for a picture with Messi you ain't getting it. Not on Peru's goalie's watch. Smart to buddy up to Messi with him scoring two goals on you and making dudes do splits. 

Way to be there for your guy, Argentina. Can't rely on opponents all the time.