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There's No One Like Messi - Thousands Of Peru Fans Went Bonkers Outside His Hotel Room In Hopes Of Just Seeing The King Of Soccer

First things first, Peru needs to get their shit together. This is a guy you're playing against in World Cup qualifying. This isn't some little trip for Messi just to say goodbye to fans or anything like that. You gotta rattle him a bit, even if it might be impossible. Can't be lining up outside his hotel room chanting his name in hopes that he waves to you. We're talking international soccer here. Fans are batshit crazy. They usually set off fireworks at 3am to wake the opposing team up. 

But this is Messi we're talking about. He's arguably the most famous person in the world and for sure the most beloved athlete. I know Ronaldo fans hate him, but I can't think of a more universally beloved athlete than Messi. Everywhere he goes it's a show. Like obviously we talk about Taylor Swift all the time on the Keegs beat, but this is an athlete. Do you know how good you have to be to have opposing fans start cheering your name?

That's Messi. 

Dude looks like a king waving out to the people he rules over. Nothing like a 5'7" dude running the sport of soccer. Oh and there are rumors of him winning the Ballon d'Or again which is absurd.

 We'll never see a career like Messi again. He's 36 winning World Cups, having people show up to MLS games and still scoring ridiculous goals.