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Messi Buried Some Dude From Paraguay Who Had The Audacity To Spit At Him During Last Night's Match

[Source] - However, the game took a sour turn when Messi clashed with Paraguay striker Antonio Sanabria.

The Torino forward, who was a youngster at Barcelona between 2009 and 2013 during Messi’s reign as Nou Camp king, cut an unhappy figure as time ticked down.

“The truth is that I didn’t see it. They told me in the locker room that one of them had spit on me.

“The truth is I don’t even know who this guy is, I didn’t see him, they only told me.

“I don’t want to give important (talk) either because he’s going to come out, talk everywhere and it’s worse.

“It’s going to become known so it’s better to leave it there.”

Hey pal, you don't spit at Messi, Messi spits at you! I do love this response from him though, especially considering Sanabria spent time at Barcelona. Messi couldn't be bothered to learn the guy's name then and he sure as shit won't now. There's something about the greats in the game being spit on lately I guess though: 

I know Max wasn't intentional here. Look at Max. He's just a man who got caught up in the moment, where Sanabria was for sure trying to spit on Messi. I gotta say, there's nothing more demeaning than that right? I think I'd rather have someone square up to fight me or even sucker punch me than spit on me. At least you're attempting to use your fists and not just sweaty spit flying at my face. I can't describe it any other way besides demeaning. 

As for the spit in question, there's for sure a loogie in the air. But we need a Seinfeld breakdown on whether or not he hit Messi. It may - and I stress may - have been a warning spit. Like hey man, I'm here and next time this loogie is going on the forehead. But there's no coming back from Messi just straight up saying you're not worth his time. Spit on him or not, he's going to call you an irrelevant asshole. This is a man playing in Serie A too, not some no-name league or anything.