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A Referee Screwing You Over is The Most Infuriating Thing in The World

Last night, somehow someway, the impossible happened. The world became Jets fans. With the exception of Chiefs fans & people who refer to Taylor Swift as "mother", everybody and their actual mother's were cheering on Zach Wilson. Patrick Mahomes vs Zach Wilson, all things considered, was quite possibly the biggest David vs Goliath matchup since USA hockey beat the Russians in 1980. But unfortunately for America, Zach Wilson and Jets were unable to finish the job. The Chiefs won 23-20.

I'll concede, that the Chiefs win might have a little something to do with Patrick Mahomes being the best quarterback in the world. That certainly helps when you're trying to win a football game. But as a interim die-hard Jets supporter, that's not the way I'll remember the end of this game. I won't even remember it for the way Patrick Mahomes slid down at the 1 yard line, putting a knife in the heart of Chiefs -8 bettors everywhere. I'll remember it for that asshole fucking ref wearing a Patrick Mahomes jersey beneath his stripes. A ref who was clearly in the pocket of dictator Roger Goodell who will do everything in his power to assure his beloved Kansas City Chiefs stay on top of the NFL.

It's impossible to watch the Chiefs final drive and not come to the conclusion that the Jets got hosed.

These 2 plays have been talked about at nauseum already. Everybody has their own opinions, but the correct opinion is that the if you're not going to call the first holding, you sure as fuck can't call the hold on Sauce Gardner. And for the ref to wait to throw the flag until AFTER the interception, when the alleged holding happened a full second before that (which is basically a week in football time) is simply maddening.

The anger you feel when a referee wrongs your team is an anger like none other. It's almost like weird phenomena. It releases an energy inside of you that you didn't even know was there. I never get mad at sports. I rarely get "mad" in general. But to be invested in a game between 2 teams and watch 1 man in a striped shirt insert himself by reaching into his pocket and throwing his little yellow flag, completely taking over the situation and negating everything that the athletes on the field had just worked for.. it just feels so personal. So wrong. Like an abuse of power. Like this one guy just had to bigger than the game, and put his grimy little fingers on it. When a ref fucks you over with a garbage call, for at least 5 minutes, you legitimately want him dead. You want all the bad things in the world to happen to him. I never feel that way about anyone. Never to I get that upset at another person. But there's just something about watching a man unjustifiably take over a game that lights a fire of pure hate in your heart. 

Once the situation as dissolved, the anger subsides. Not entirely. You still feel like he deserves to spend the night in jail. But eventually you realize how trivial it is. You'll take a look in the mirror and say, "ok it's not that serious" and take back what you said about wanting his friends and family to burn in hell. But for those few minutes after a ref takes over a game, your blood boils like no other. 

Fuck being a ref. It's impossible to get everything right. If you're a ref in the NFL, at least once per year you're going to have an entire fan base want your head on a spike. It's unavoidable. For the referee's sake, I hope Taylor Swift leant him her popcorn machine to hide in so he could be wheeled out of the game safely. Because I'm willing to be there were about 20,000 Jets fans at MetLife last night that would not have been able to control themselves. 

Also, I was very disappointed in Robert Saleh for not laying into ref post game. I was really hoping he would just eat the fine and light them up. That would have been satisfying.

(or maybe I'm the only pyscho who react this way and I should probably seek therapy)



- The 5 seconds after you bump your hear really hard

- Somebody makes a driving mistake that lengthens your commute

- United Airlines delays your flight while you're sitting in the termina

- After you board your United Airlines flight they announce that they actually don't have enough gas in the plane and they need to fill up

- When your United Airlines flight lands and there are no gates available and you have to sit there for an hour

- You need to speak to a person on the phone but can't get passed the auto attendant, then when you finally get a person on the phone they put you on hold again

- The bodega worker is just blatantly ignoring you at the front of the line for seemingly no reason whatsover

- You watch your Uber driver make a wrong turn on his way to pick you up

- You're withdrawing from drugs

- You spend over an hour on a blog then as soon as you're finished you realize that someone else wrote the same one and it's already scheduled so you just wasted you time