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"Number 24, our father, Miguel Cabrera." Miguel Cabrera's Children Introduced Him During His Final Game And It Was Awesome

I’ve kept the emotions in check today. That’s probably pretty surprising if you follow me on social media, but I’ve been sitting at home and taking in all the Miguel Cabrera pageantry. I figured that there would be a moment that got to me, and seeing Miguel Cabrera‘s children introduce him in his first at-bat today definitely hit me in the feels.

With many athletes, especially a player who at his peak was as invincible as Miguel Cabrera, we often forget about the man behind the myth. Behind every great athlete is a son, or in this case, a father. You can tell this moment meant a lot to Miguel, and it won’t be the first time today that Tigers fan shed a few tears. 

Do you know what’s great? I love seeing Comerica Park full. This will not be the last time. I’ll write more blogs once the season is over, but the way that this team has played in the second half has started something that isn’t going to stop. This year, it’s about Miguel. Next year, it’ll be about the team.