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Megan Makin' Money Asked The Entire Barstool Chicago Moment What The "Most Common Every Day Embarrassment" Is

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I've been in a lot of embarrassing moments in my time with Barstool sports: 

- Gum video
- Velcro video
- Trip video
- Eyeball beard pic

And so on and so forth. I've yet to be caught on camera with my fly down though. 

Giphy Images.

Not if, but when that day happens, I'll probably have to delete every ounce of my digital footprint and move to rural Idaho or something. Never will I EVER be able to show my face on the internet again, much to the dismay of all of my loyal followers, and that's because walking around with your fly down is the most embarrassing thing that can happen to a person.

Like…I'd rather be the mom on the plane with the unruly toddler or the asshole who introduces himself to a country singer by the wrong name because he was too drunk to remember his own name: 

Only the DUMBEST motherfucker on planet earth could pull off an embarrassing move like that. Still not as bad as walking into a room full of people while your nugget is about to rear his ugly head through the boxer hole. NOTHING is embarrassing as that. Nothing at all.