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Deshaun Watson Has Forgotten How To Play Quarterback And This Backwards Pass Proves It

It’s pretty clear that Deshaun Watson is a garbage human being. Klemmer brought up on Picks Central that I think we’re going to look back in 10 years and be amazed by the fact that he was allowed back in the league at all. That said, I figured he would at least perform for the Browns. There was a period not long ago in which Watson was a top-five quarterback. He was never in the discussion with Mahomes and Allen, but he was at the top of that second tier. I figured he’d continue that, but he hasn’t. Deshaun Watson has been awful with the Browns. They’re winning right now against the Titans, and if they finish, the job will be 2-1 in spite of him.

Watson has regressed in every statistical category since he got to Cleveland, but I think one of the more important things you look for in a quarterback is instinct. Turnovers can be a killer. Are you holding onto the ball too long? Are you taking too many sacks? These are all legitimate questions to ask a quarterback. Watson technically did not take a sack on the play we shared. Instead, he deemed it a good idea to chuck the ball backward while being wrapped up by a defender.

If we’re just talking about on the field, it’s been an ugly several weeks for Deshaun Watson. Last week, he shoved a referee while on the field and didn’t get penalized for it. That game they played against the Steelers last week was one the ugliest football games I’ve seen in a long time. Big Ev was right. It played out like a college game.

The current crop of quarterbacks that we have in the NFL, mainly Patrick Mahomes, have revolutionized this backyard football mentality. You can get away with throwing passes with your left hand and making no luck throws when you’re as talented as Mahomes. Watson ain’t that guy, pal. They’re lucky this play didn’t result in a disaster.