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The Chicago Bears Getting Robbed Officially Ushers In The Start Of "Fun Bad Season"!

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Chief's blog has the details but I have some takes.

I think I need to call it. The Chicago Bears are officially a worse shit show than the Urban Meyer era Jaguars. We are in full-on "fun bad" mode and Week 3 hasn't even started for us. Fun bad mode usually doesn't set in for fans until around Thanksgiving after two months of furious am radio calls and refusing to contact any relatives who live in Wiscsonsin. It's actually kinda nice to have our band-aid of hope ripped off this early so we can laugh. So in that vein, and to cope with this collosal disaster of a catastrophe, let's fire off some takes on what really might be going on here.

No Wonder Alan Williams Resigned

Talk about being overworked. I had no idea the breadth of duties involved to being the Chicago Bears "Defensive Coordinator". And it's clear there's been no one to replace Williams since Ryan Poles mentioned they're still sorting that out in his press conference yesterday. Big mistake revealing that by a sophomore GM. You just told the bad guys it was open season. 

Anyone know where Chiefsaholic is?

From what I understand he's in federal custody without bond but maybe do a quick check on his cell to be sure because the Bears play the Chiefs this week. 

Will Aaron Rodgers press charges if the thieves are caught?

This one hurt to write but it's my job. Not sure if ownership of the Bears has officially passed over to Jordan Love so something to look out for. 

Was this an inside job?

Think about it. Who on earth would want the Bears stuff? Remember like one day ago when all the rumors swirled about the Bears facility getting raided? Sure it wasn't true but what if the Bears were hoping it to happen so they could force the feds to take the god awful tape with them. "No a la carte guys, if you're raiding us, you're taking it all! That's the deal!"

Can't blame the feds for declining. That means plan B for the Bears. Taking "bury the tape" to the next level would be a power move for sure. Pay someone to make sure you don't even know where it is for the rest of your lives. That's how Weeks 1 and 2 have gone for us. 

Welcome to fun bad everyone! 

- Jeffro