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Chiefsaholic Time On The Run Has Come To An End

The most famous furry has been arrested.

Unfortunately, Chiefsaholic has been caught after allegedly robbing more banks and laundering more money.  

I thought he would have gone to Mexico as opposed to California, but the reality is that it is probably hard to find Chiefs games on TV in Mexico. He has allegedly been laundering all the money through casinos and gambling from his winnings, which I feel like was probably just him betting on the Chiefs when they were like -1000 vs. the Cardinals.

Traveling around with tons of poker chips is always a dead giveaway. During Ocean's 11 movies, I never understood why the hell they would steal poker chips. Like if you got pulled over with millions of dollars in poker chips, that is just a dead giveaway that they are doing some weird stuff. 

It was fun while it lasted but hopefully, we can interview Chiefsaholic from prison one day, the man might be in prison but that does not mean you cannot love the Chiefs.