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Bears Fans (Especially Chief) Are Delusional For Thinking That Justin Fields Blaming His Coaching Staff Is A Good Thing

Chief Wrote a blog that was really sad to see because I understand what he is going through. He is in the denial stage and any little thing you will try to turn into a positive when you really know deep down you are so fucked. 

I am fighting the urge to get sucked back in ahead of the Kansas City game, but this quote had me fired up. 

If this made you want to run through a wall you have to be an insane person. This is legit the last thing you want your quarterback to do. Look what has happened, he got yelled at after this press conference and had to say it was the media trying to get clicks. 

He said those words. Nobody put those words in his mouth. He just blamed the coaches for him playing like a robot. You want to keep everything in house because now this is even a bigger deal. I get a lot of the time media definitely try and get clicks, but that didn't happen here. You're struggling bad and let your emotions get the best of you. 

Back to Chief, Eddie and other Bears fans, and I don't involve Big Cat because I have seen him admit Justin Fields isn't the guy. Yes the Bears have a lot of problems, but his decision making and holding the ball too long are just his fault. He is in his head that everyone makes fun of him for just just being a running QB and now he wants to try and throw more, but he just doesn't have that ability. I am not saying he can't turn it around, but he is in year three blaming his coaches and playing the worst QB you can possibly play. Chief also said this will unlock him, its his 3rd year he can unlock if he wants to but he isn't good enough to. You are in QB purgatory and if you sign him for 4 more years you will continue to be in this mess. 

You ran Mitch out of town, but let's not show his stats next to Fields because nobody wants to do that. Mitch never got the excuses from his weapons or how bad his line was, but keep convincing yourself that Fields is the guy because you will be miserable. When you realize he is not the guy you will feel better when he sucks and pleasantly surprised when you win. Way better to live.