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When Asked About Why He Has Struggled This Year Justin Fields Started By Saying "Coaching"

I am fighting the urge to get sucked back in ahead of the Kansas City game, but this quote had me fired up. Justin Fields is finally going to stop thinking and just play. That's what he needs. He needs to be free and to ball out. The old Crash Davis quote, "don't think, just throw". 

Now this quote looks BAD in text form. 

That reads as if he is throwing Getsy under the bus. Fields has had a few misquotes where he put his foot in his mouth and then needed to clarify later. I think this will be another one of those. When I listened it didn't sound like a "This Getsy guy fucking sucks and his game plan is trash", but more of a information overload sort of thing. That can happen to anyone. Literally anyone who has had a golf lesson can attest to playing like trash after getting inundated with swing tips. You're thinking too much instead of just being an athlete. 

We've seen this script before with Getsy and Fields. Last year through the first 6 games it was abysmal. Then Fields was unlocked and the offense score a ton of points and he looked like a franchise type guy while having no protection or weapons. It was just surprising to see them open this year the same way they opened last year. Hopefully these guys get on the same page and quickly because the season is slipping away QUICKLY now. KC coming to town staring 0-3 in the face. 

If we see more of the same this week then this thing is officially off the rails and comments like that become way more toxic and you can basically start looking for a new QB, OC, and HC. Hopefully they can circle the wagons. I am not ready to go through the circus again.