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"It's Just About Wearing a Costume To Get Drunk In" - 72 Year Old Prince Of Bavaria Yells At Clouds And Admits He Hates Fun As He Rips What Oktoberfest Has Become

Florian G Seefried. Getty Images.

Finally someone has decided to take a stand. After centuries of despicableness and abhorrent behavior we've finally reached the endgame. It's time for war with quite possibly our planet's greatest plague. 

Yes of course I'm talking about women wearing dirndls and showing cleavage at Oktoberfest while everyone drinks copious amounts of alcohol. The horror. 

Daily Mail

Fake folk costumes that let festivalgoers flaunt their bodies are degrading the cultural value of Oktoberfest, a Bavarian prince has claimed. 

The 72-year-old Prince of Bavaria, Luitpold Rupprecht Heinrich, whose great-grandfather was the last Bavarian king, said that cheaply made costumes turn the historic festival into a 'carnival'. When I see Chinese-made folk costumes made of plastic, pseudo-costumes with tight dirndls, then the whole thing becomes a carnival. 'We all talk about cultural appropriation today. Here it's happening to us Bavarians!'

Long time stoolie Luitpold Rupprecht Heinrich, commonly known as the Prince of Bavaria, has said enough is enough. Things have to change. World hunger, racism, war, aliens, asteroids. All of those issues will have to wait until the crimes of Oktoberfest are answered for. 

In case you're confused, allow me to show some examples of the debauchery that this man opposes. 

Gisela Schober. Getty Images.
Gisela Schober. Getty Images.
Gisela Schober. Getty Images.

You see this madness? No wonder the 72 year old Prince of Bavaria, which apparently is a thing, had to step in. People dressing up and having a great time? Can't have it. 

He actually does bring up a point in this article where he complains of people wearing knock off outfits made in other countries. That's fair. If you're gonna make the trip and participate in the festivities you should probably try to rock an authentic kit. To that though, it's possible those outfits are expensive. It's not my tradition to defend, but if you're trying to look the part and fit in for the good of the celebration that's got to count for something. 

Regardless, that's not what he's solely mad about. He's furious that traditions and culture are being put aside for tomfoolery and fun. 

'If the whole thing is just about wearing a costume to get drunk in… you lose a lot of culture and tradition in the process.'

Traditionalists have argued that in recent years, Oktoberfest, which has been held in Munich for 213 years, has become less of a celebration of Bavarian culture, and more a chance for people to drink huge quantities of beer and wear low-cut and cheap fancy dress.

Definitely not a case of an old man yelling at clouds, screaming about tradition and how the kids have ruined everything. Nope, not here. I personally think he's just lashing out because he's 72 years old and stuck being a prince. Gotta be tough to get that old and not be king, but apparently they don't do kings anymore over there. Sucks to suck.

Gisela Schober. Getty Images.

No word yet if the good people who participate in Oktoberfest plan on changing the entire festival's ways. While we wait for that, I guess the drinking and fun will continue. What a shame.