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May 20th Is Now Officially "Miss Peaches Day" In The City Of Miami


Well done, Peacehs! What a life. Meanwhile I'm walking into a sweaty New York City office where a literal concert is going on at 10:30 in the morning...

Shout out Loud Luxury I just wasn't expecting it. Also shout out Rico Bosco for throwing napkins at everyone like it's Memorial Day weekend 2009 at the west bar. An old dog never forgets. 

Anywho, there is no one better to represent #nationalrescuedogday than Miss Peaches. A true rags to riches story who has brought arguably more attention to the need for animal adoption than any person/pet in history. Good on mayor Suarez for recognizing that. Onward and upward! I'll be blogging Miss P from time to time just to keep you guys up to date. Thanks for reading and congrats to Miss Peaches!