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Miami Dolphins Star Cornerback Xavien Howard Allegedly Got 4 Women Pregnant at The Same Time

I'm not one to judge a man for where he sticks his dick, but damn X! 4 women at the same time? That's next level horny. Sure the Lions fan might have wanted his girlfriend to piss on him, but I'd rather that than knock up 4 women. I'm not even worried about the kids, X has money they'll be fine, but 4 baby mommas??? Lord have mercy.

Xavien Howard battled a groin injury for the majority of the 2022 NFL season, now we know why. This wouldn't be the first time X was involved with a crazy headline surrounding some crazy women. In fact just last month he was accused of making secret sex tapes, and one of the girls bashed his Bentley.

There's no question X is horny, but if he keeps making place like this:

He can have as many baby mommas as he wants.