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I Ate Only Chicken Wings For A Week To See If I Lost Weight: Results

So as of Monday after attempting to make a Bills-Jets bet I said if the Bills win I would eat wings for the rest of the week. I weighed in on Monday at 232 lbs. The rule was I had to only eat chicken wings, and I had to eat buffalo sauce once a day and could have another type of sauce for another meal. 

So throughout the week, I eat wings twice a day and rigorously exercised per usual. 

This is my breakdown of how many calories I burned throughout the week while working out. 

Before workouts, I would take pre-workout and chocolate Hershey kisses to ensure the lack of carbs did not hurt my gains. The hardest part was the lack of carbs making me feel kinda shitty and low energy but we powered through, what I thought was because of too much sodium was probably lack of carbs. I drank too much distilled water, thinking it would help with all the salt. It did not and probably made things worse. The constant hot sauce I do think sped up my metabolism because as you will see from this Tik Tok there were some awesome results. 

I dropped a full 10 lbs and I don't think it was all water weight. Take into account, though, I am 24 I workout and play basketball constantly, and I basically reduced my calories to around 2000 while I was burning north of that the whole week.  now the week is over I am going to go eat Italian food and pound pasta because this whole week I have just been fiending for spaghetti like a crackhead loves to crack. If I were to do this diet, I would just go carnivore and eat tons of vegetables on top of that and light carbs like rice. Chicken, fish, beef (hopefully one day), pork, and veggies. Then only have a little carbs. If you just eat like that consistently under your caloric burn you will lose weight but just eating Wings for a week was a dope idea.