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Taylor Rapping "A Milli" While Lil Wayne Performed At The VMAs Is Perfect

I know we talked about Taylor at the VMAs this week and you already saw this clip, but we need to give another special highlight to this moment. Our girl, Mrs Millennial, singing and dancing to A Milli like she's in a frat basement in 2009. I've never felt more connected to Taylor than I do in this moment. The shaking her head on beat, respectfully NOT rapping when she doesn't remember the actual words, and then loud, forceful YOU POP EM CAUSE WE POP EM LIKE ITS ORVILLE REDENBACHER!!!! Textbook Drunk Girl Having A Good Time 101.  

How about Lil Wayne, btw? He looked AWESOME during this medley he put on to open the show. I know things have been touch and go with him for a few years, but it looks like whatever he's doing now is really working for him. To still be able to perform and rap like this after all he's been through, is nothing short of a miracle. I'm a MASSIVE Lil Wayne fan, so I hope he lives forever and performs as much as possible. 

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