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Taylor Swift Cleans Up At The VMAs, Winning NINE Moon Men And Drinking Lots Of Wine

As usual, Taylor comes out on top at MTV's VMAs out at the Prudential Center in New Jersey. I wonder if she gets bored of winning awards. I wouldn't obviously, but she has EIGHTEEN Moon Men at this point - where does she keep them all?? Storage?? 

Tonight she takes home NINE more, most for "Anti-Hero" from the Midnight's album, including the Big 4:

Best Pop Winner

Song of the Year

Best Direction

Video of the Year 

VOTY is a special win for her because it will be the fourth year in a row that she wins this award. And, while winning last year's VOTY, she announced her Midnights album…which has Anti-Hero on it. It really is Taylor's world. 


I heard rumors all day that Taylor was performing tonight, even getting fooled by an Oscar de la Renta post about what appeared to be a performance costume for the night that I obviously can't find now, but sadly, she did not. Instead, she got drunk, danced and sang along to everyone on stage: