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Alex Rodriguez Reportedly Ratted Out Manny Ramirez And Ryan Braun To DEA About PEDs

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SOURCE - The unredacted documents spell out the extreme lengths A-Rod and his camp pursued to obstruct and discredit Major League Baseball's investigation, how the Yankees' third baseman initially tried to buy off Bosch, and how Rodriguez ultimately resorted to desperate, scorched-earth tactics to preserve his reputation.

Added into the investigative record the names of three former or then-current players he said Bosch had identified to him as PED clients: Manny Ramirez, Ryan Braun and another All-Star player.

"He basically did everything he could to distract from his own behavior," a Yankees source said of A-Rod.

The source added: "I mean, Alex is a complicated person. He had a lot of layers to him, and I think he's remorseful, but he did some bad things to a lot of people.

ESPN got their hands on over 1400 pages of DEA notes about the Biogenesis scandal and there is some really interesting stuff in this. The most interesting to me is the stuff about Alex Rodriguez. Ends up all of the rumors over the past 25 years that A-Rod is a selfish asshole that is only interested in helping himself…is pretty accurate.

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Fuck Manny and Braun for cheating. That's obviously horseshit. It cost Braun his reputation and Manny getting inducted into Cooperstown. But why did A-Rod call out other players at all? It seems like it was just done so he wouldn't go down alone. 60 Minutes even said A-Rod's team leaked documents about Braun and A-Rod's own teammate Francisco Cervelli.

Manny and Braun are far from choirboys. Based on other stuff released in these DEA reports, it seems Manny's body was so worn down even before he met Bosch due to years of steroid abuse. Biogenesis was a desperation move by Manny. You can make a good case that most if not his whole entire career was a fraud. Even if all of that is true, there is something that hits different with A-Rod ratting him out like this to federal agents.

A-Rod's whole life from 2009-12 seemed like a sad house of lies. He had people extorting him for $5 million dollars, he was paying Bogenesis with cash payments of hundreds of thousands of dollars and was lying to everyone from the media to the Yankees president to Major League Baseball that he wasn't using PED's. Meanwhile, the walls kept closing in.

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I'm not sure how all of this news will affect A-Rod moving forward. The whole world is already very aware he was a cheater. He's tried very hard to rehabilitate his image. He does the KayRod telecast for ESPN on Sunday Nights and even does a FOX pre-game show with Manny's old teammate David Ortiz. Remember, ESPN is the one who broke this story.

SOURCE - Rodriguez, a baseball analyst with ESPN since the 2018 season, declined comment for this story. Multiple requests were made over the past six months through his publicist, Ron Berkowitz. At one point, Berkowitz asked a reporter to email an overview of the story as well as a sampling of potential questions; after which, the publicist never responded to phone messages or email.

"I mean, Alex is working on his own documentary," Berkowitz offered at one point. "He's working on a book. My guess is he's not going to give anybody anything and if he does anything, it's going to go on his thing."

He's going to try to tell his history on his terms. The problem is I don't see why anyone would believe him. Alex Rodriguez may be baseball's version of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. No one will ever believe him if all he's ever done is lie. Makes you wonder why anyone would want to watch him on TV.

I'm sure Ryan Braun and Manny Ramirez agree.