A Super Bowl Week Tradition with Jersey Jerry: He Reveals The DM's He Sent To Maxx Crosby

On today's Pardon My Take... MAXX CROSBY! The defensive superstar for the Las Vegas Raiders joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on today's show to talk about his team, his sobriety, Eastern Michigan, and much more.

The crew was also joined by our colleague, Jersey Jerry, for a brief segment during the interview. If you recall last year, JJ sat down with his favorite player, TJ Watt, to discuss the DM's that he sent to his wife. Well, it turns out that our guy Jersey Jerry also sent messages to today's guest, Maxx Crosby. What did they entail? Take a look...

June of 2022

Jersey Jerry: Happy Father's Day, Maxx. Enjoy the day brother. Best of luck this year.

Maxx Crosby: Appreciate you, my brother.

Jersey Jerry: Listen, let me send you some bread for a jersey or whatever.

Maxx Crosby: You want a jersey?

Jersey Jerry: Yes, Maxx. For me and my cousin. He's a die-hard Raiders fan and a huge fan of yours. I'm with him right now, he loves you. 

Maxx Crosby: *no response*

At a UFC event in Las Vegas, when Crosby was sitting next to Donald Trump

Jersey Jerry: Hey, next to Trump. Incredible stuff.

Maxx Crosby: no response

September 19, 2023

Jersey Jerry: Hey Maxx. I still need that signed jersey… does not finish reading the message

Maxx Crosby: no response

There are very few people at this company who make me laugh as consistently as Jersey Jerry. He is never afraid to shoot his shot with NFL players, and if it doesn't connect in the moment, Big Cat will always pull through for you to help a friend out. I'm glad JJ and Maxx got to meet each other this week. Now, I'm on the edge of my seat to see if JJ gets this signed jersey.