Jersey Jerry Apologizing To TJ Watt For DM'ing His Wife Is The Funniest Podcast Clip You'll Come Across Today

It is really cool to meet your favorite athletes. It is even cooler to interview your No. 1 favorite athlete. That's exactly what Jersey Jerry got to do on today's Pardon My Take with today's guest - TJ Watt. JJ joined TJ, Mr. Cat, and Mr. Commenter to reflect on on his season with the Steelers, his big plays, what it's like to play for Pittsburgh, and much more. 

Jersey Jerry had a long list of questions ready to go for his favorite player, and they did not disappoint. One of the funniest exchanges actually involved an apology from JJ after he... DM'ed TJ Watt's wife? That's right. Check out the full clip for the entire context:

Jersey Jerry - a man of honor. TJ Watt accepted the apology and there are no hard feelings. This was an amazing interview and there is nobody like JJ. His rapid fire segment was hilarious as well...

Congrats to TJ Watt on a fantastic season and congrats to Jersey Jerry on a successful interview. What a sequence of events.