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Throw Of The Year: A Browns Fan Completed A 50-Yard Beer Can Toss To A Guy On A Moving Boat

Sign this man before the Jets do!!! 

What a fucking rocket from the Uncle Rico of Cleveland, who you know was trying to bet everyone at the tailgate that he could throw a beer onto a boat. I mean that had to be what, 50 yards? And the accuracy to complete the pass! Like, trying to throw a beer can to someone on a moving boat is definitely something Johnny Manziel and Baker Mayfield would've done, but both of their tosses would've ended up at least 15 yards from the target and sank to the bottom of the river. This man's throw ended up right in the fucking bread basket, and it low key had a spiral too.

In all seriousness, where has this guy been the last 20 years? I hate that we're currently set at the Quarterback position, because in any other season than this one, I'd be calling for the Browns to trot this man onto the field on Monday Night vs. the Steelers.

Updated Browns QB Rankings Since 1999:

1. Deshaun Watson

2. This Guy

3. Baker Mayfield

4. Derek Anderson

5. Kelly Holcomb

And that's no joke. At the end of the day, I'd have to imagine there's less than a handful of guys in the NFL that could go beer to boat like this guy just did. So while I understand that people are high on our current backup Dorian Thompson-Robinson out of UCLA, the fact of the matter is that PJ Walker is our 3rd string Emergency QB. PJ Walker probably couldn't even hit the water, let alone the boat, if he attempted this. Just saying, worth a look for Andrew Berry to reach out before Joe Douglass sees this and does for the Jets…