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The anatomy portion was spoken in a personal capacity by Dr. Jose Salce Benitez who had 30 years in the Mexican Navy, currently the director of the Navy's Scientific Health Institute and was at one point the director of the Navy's Medical Forensic Service.

  • Bodies covered in a diatomic white powder that granted desiccation for extreme natural preservation, was carbon14 dated to: very fkn old (around 1000y)

  • Tridactyl (3 fingers 3 toes) no carpals or tarsals with fingers going straight to armbones

  • Circular, complete and continuous ribs, having around 14

  • Deep/concave cervical spine (neckbones) with other features hinting that the head is retractable similar to turtles

  • Strong but very light bone structure much like a bird

  • Pneumatized (air/gas formed) cranial cavity, making a large space for oversized brain matter

  • Orthopedic implants perfectly fused with skin and bone, composed of what we consider metals for spacing structures and equipment such as cadmium & osmium

  • Ocular orbits very broad granting wide field of vision

  • A jaw joint, but no teeth. They could swallow foods but not chew

  • Spine connects to the center of cranial floor, a rarity that does not occur in primates who have a rear position

  • Intact oviducts (fallopian tubes) containing eggs, alleges this is impossible to falsify

  • Very broad range of motion in their shoulder joints

  • Specimen have intact fingerprints, that are linear and horizontal as opposed to a human's circular prints

  • Unique DNA incomparable to existing sequences. 70% similar to known, DNA 30% unknown. For relevance, lists that humans are less than %5 different to primates and 15% to bacteria meaning the 30% or more the specimen contain is far outside terrestrial parameters

  • In summary, the bodies are a non-human species presenting irrefutable differences to written biology/ taxonomy of the evolutionary tree with 0 common ancestors or descendants


I know these things look fake as fuck from the outside. But if you saw a mummified body you would never guess that that was once a human. 

Patrick Landmann. Getty Images.

I mean, that looks pretty damn fake as well, like someone carved it out of wood. They all like movie props. So yeah, these also look fake as fuck.

Now the thing that convinces me is MRI pictures and x-rays. Like those look like biological beings or scans of a real body. You can't fake that. It's crazy that Mexico was the first to open Pandora's box on revealing bodies. John Gorsuch claims the U.S. also has bodies, but it makes sense Mexico is just going to tell the world about theirs. They have literal Druglords they can't keep a handle on in their country. Aliens don't mean shit when the Cartel is literally more powerful than you military. I don't know if all the alien sighting or UFOs are actually from another planet; these dudes could actually be from earth (Or hollow earth). Meaning the have a whole underground civilization that has shielded them from apocalypse scenarios for millions of years and allowed them to evolve past humans who have dealt with natural disasters and plagues.


This guy could also be a total fraud. I know everyone is saying is it looks exactly like the movies but guess what it looks like before movies even existed?

Oleksandra Korobova. Getty Images.

The Owl Man Nazca Geolyph. 

They also look like this alien that these Russian dudes found, which I wouldn't believe anything from Russia….

It's just the national Russian Liar dude who has been lying about Ukraine and Russia doing bad shit, was the guy who came out and said, "This isn't real, its fake". Like the chief propaganda liar in chief of Russia said it was fake. Hes the same guy saying that Ukraine actually invaded Russia which just isn't true.

The bodies shown to Mexican congress were found in Peru and found in Diatom Mines, they were fossilized according to the scientists. 

Wait, I am now seeing that these scientist dudes may be absolute frauds. 

But anyway, this isn't the first time "Aliens" were thought to be found in Peru. 


Wait, I'm starting to think these "Scientists" are just redoing a hoax these exact same dudes did in 2018. Sorry to steal your click but at least we all got to the conclusion at the same time. 

Big time hoax