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Olivia Rodrigo Says She "Does Not Have Beef With Anyone" When Asked About Her Alleged Feud With Taylor Swift

Rolling Stone - “What, if anything, happened between her and Taylor Swift? [...] When I ask Rodrigo about the alleged feud, she’s sipping on a bowl of Italian wedding soup. She goes quiet. “I don’t have beef with anyone,” she says calmly. “I’m very chill. I keep to myself. I have my four friends and my mom, and that’s really the only people I talk to, ever. There’s nothing to say.” She adds: “There’s so many Twitter conspiracy theories. I only look at alien-conspiracy theories.””

Listen, I'm starting to feel bad for Olivia. I don't think she's a bad person, I think she's a kid who is new to the industry, and I think she's getting railroaded by Swifties at the moment. Sure, I wrote a blog a few weeks ago wondering what the hell happened to Olivia and Taylor's friendship, including the bulk of the speculation, but it's just that - speculation. It even seems like Rolling Stone here is trying to make this response seem sketchy with "...she goes quiet" - major drama.

In my blog I said that I also just think it's not a good look for Olivia to be 24/7 fangirling over another artist who is in her exact genre. Like it or not, these two girls are competing for the same fans. You can be fans of both, of course, but that doesn't mean you have to constantly steer your OWN fans, away from your own music. Time that could be spent streaming her new album GUTS instead of listening to Cruel Summer for the 4,000th time. It makes sense not to be so gushy about her! But to stop talking about her all together? I still sense something weird going on. 

Time will tell, but I hope this doesn't keep dragging on. It does get tiresome watching the media **puts feminist cap on** CONSTANTLY PITCH WOMEN AGAINST EACH OTHER, but this is the world we live in. Olivia will always be compared to Taylor, Taylor will always be compared to Beyonce, and Beyonce will always pretend like she's a neutral party.