"Was That All a Dream?" - Jets Coaches Have Barely Been Able To Sleep Since Rodgers Went Down And Are Still In Disbelief

The coaches texting each other this is just so sad. Listen I don't root for injuries ever, but this is all Klemmer's fault. 

If he just believed in curses none of this would have happened. I get it, the Jets went from Super Bowl sights to going 8-9 this year while once again wasting the best defense in the NFL. They looked like they had an extra guy on the field every play with the way they were flying all over the field. The Jets just have bad luck and you need to accept that. It's the first time you can't blame the ownership. They put together the best roster they possibly could have and it all went to shit in four snaps. 

I need to know how Zach Wilson is feeling today. He was about to go into his Alex Moran era being a QB that was being "groomed" by one of the best to do it, but now he has his coaches and teammates all knowing they are fucked. While maybe he didn't look like the worst QB in the world last night (he was still pretty bad) now you're going to have teams like the Cowboys preparing for him. 

They needed Josh Allen to play the worst game of his life to sneak out that miraculous win. I am not taking the win away like the announcers want to, but just understand the Jets are fucked and it's Klemmer's fault. The next steps are also very funny because you're getting potential replacements brought up like Carson Wentz. Him being on the Jets would be one of the funniest things of all time and would drive Jets fans to the brink of death. 

The best case scenario, and if the NFL really wants to write the script, have Tom Brady be the quarterback of the Jets. If he just sucked on the Jets and really ruined their chances of winning it would be incredible. Like some Trojan horse shit. I can see them all excited. The coaches texting each other is this a dream we have Tom Brady! Then they realize he is 80 years old and can't throw the ball anymore.

The Jets are fucked and morons like Klemmer needs to accept it.