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I'm Simply Begging Football Announcers To Stop Being Losers And Saying Games Have An Asterisk Immediately After An Awesome Ending

We have a problem this season. It has nothing to do with stuff on the field. It has nothing to do with penalties and soft ass Roger rules that refuse to let people get hit. It has to do with the broadcast. Two out of three primetime games (not sure what happened with the third, game must have been PPD) had damn good ending. Thursday you had the Lions running the clock, Chiefs going for it on 4th and 25, Kadarius Toney making all of America laugh. We know what happened last night.

But you see the tweet above. Yeah, I know he's not an announcer necessarily, but he's part of the crew. This is a blanket plea. Stop saying there's an asterisk on games after awesome endings.* 

* Unless you're a fan or blogger. Then you can cope by finding whatever way you want to. 

I wish there a flag thrown. I don't want the Jets to be good, although the Jets fans having faith always, always ends well. Can't wait for that. But sports have winners and losers. Plain and simple. Unless something egregious happens - looking at the USA/USSR basketball game in the 1972 Olympics - you can't just say oh an asterisk. Missed calls happen all the time. Shit, I'd probably be more pissed they called weak offensive pass interference on Diggs a couple possessions prior than this. 

Either way, this is my plea. This is the fight I will have during football season. Stop claiming everything has an asterisk live on air. Or if you do, call it for every game. Just immediately say there's an asterisk 18 weeks in a row.