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Last Night's Jets Win Was The Biggest Roller Coaster Of Emotions In A Game That I Can Remember

It was too good to be true. Way too good to be true. Straight football porn for Jets fans all offseason. Aaron Rodgers ran out with an American flag during 9/11 remembrance and gave the highest of hopes to all Jet fans. If you hadn't yet, that moment made you buy in no matter how skeptical you were. But that was when disaster struck.

Rodgers most likely popped his Achilles. Saleh confirmed as such. It was a heartbreaking experience. 

There was a whirlwind of emotions. First denial:

I think this encapsulates much of Jet's fans' reactions. I was even thinking Aaron Rodgers may have gone to the Jets just to fuck Woody Johnson over for being a part of Big Pharma's vaccine rollout. 

This tweet I made was the only thing ringing in my ears everyone thought it was all over. Especially when Zach Wilson got in the game and threw a bad pick.

Everyone thought it was over. The stadium was dead, and the vibes were at their lowest. That is when the defense beat the fuck out of Josh Allen so badly that he turned the ball over 3 more times on top of an original interception. Many dreaded Wilson's quarterbacking but he was able to squeak out a touchdown with the help of the amazing playmaking of Garett Wilson.

The defense beat the fuck out of the Bills. gang green was Sean Strickland just hitting Adensanya-Josh Allen in the fucking face over and over. Like they fucked his face up right here.

Gang Green was buzzing hard af. They even started fighting. 

The game at this point was too damn intense. 

The craziest part was the game got even more intense. There was even more adversity with a goddamn doink.

Then after an amazing stop on 3rd down= A miracle only Hard Knocks could hint at occurs. 

The thing is the game was won, everyone was amazingly pumped, Klemmer almost got snapped in half. 

But in the sobering moments when the adrenaline wears off, we look to the rest of the season. The Jets have a long road ahead. We really don’t know if we sacrificed it all just to beat the Bills. So much uncertainty with Rodgers out and Wilson at the Helm. The Defense and special teams showed they could just win a game by themselves. Can the Offensive line and QB make the step the Jets need to be great?!