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I Am Going To Eat Only Chicken Wings For The Rest Of The Week And See If I Lose Weight

So I got myself into another bet kinda because of the Jets. I said if the Bills win, I would just eat Buffalo Wings for the rest of the week. This is a low-key diet, If you are just eating wings is basically 0 carbs, and if you do that for a week, hopefully, you lose weight. 

Arian did not think this would actually work but if my science is correct, it should. It's basically an all-meat diet. I am currently 232 lbs, and I am about 2 chicken wing meals in. I am only allowed unbreaded wings, I have to eat at least one serving of buffalo a day, and the other meal can have a different sauce. I am sort of thinking the buffalo sauce, and hot sauce might help the metabolism speed up in some stupid way. Like if turmeric and all these spices are anti inflammatory and why can't buffalo sauce have some magic health benefit? O boom I just found some hot sauce health benefits. 

Just some of the potential health benefits of hot peppers include:

  1. Boost nutrition. Hot peppers contain vitamin C, A, B, and E. They are also high in folate, magnesium, and potassium for a dash of added nutrition to every meal.
  2. They are antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Studies suggest that capsaicin is a powerful antioxidant and reduces inflammation in the body.1
  3. Stop migraines. One treatment for migraines involves using a special spray containing capsaicin to numb the nerves that cause migraine pain.2 Ask your doctor; do not try this at home.
  4. Live longer. A single large study suggested that adults who ate spicy food including hot peppers once a week for 20 years reduced their risk of death by 13%. This might be due to the anti-inflammatory properties and link to weight loss.2
  5. Normalize insulin. Capsaicin is linked to preventing excess insulin levels, which in turn might reduce the risk of developing health conditions like Type 2 diabetes. Eating spicy hot sauces with a meal can help normalize insulin levels.
  6. Lose weight. Eating hot sauce may help prevent obesity, due to an appetite-suppressing hormone that is triggered by eating spicy foods high in capsaicin. It may also speed metabolism and reduce the risk of heart disease.2
  7. Relieve pain. The very fact that hot chili sauces cause a painful reaction in the mouth and on the skin might be a reason they relieve pain. Our bodies respond to the sensation of being burned by releasing endorphins, which can temporarily numb sensations of pain like those caused by arthritis and fibromyalgia.1,2
  8. Slow cancer. Early research suggests that high levels of capsaicin slow the growth of many kinds of cancer cells in mice. More research is needed to fully understand the benefits of hot sauce in cancer therapy.1,2
  9. Breathe easier. For certain kinds of stuffy nose or rhinitis that are not caused by allergies, capsaicin can clear the nasal passages and keep you breathing easy.
  10. Be happy. Another effect of that burning sensation and the release of endorphins is the way they impact your mood. Endorphins make you feel happy and reduce feelings of pain and stress. Eat your hot chili peppers and burn away the blues!

So hopefully this hot wing diet becomes a new bro health trend. Feeling a little fat? Just eat wings all week. Realistically I think I can get to 225 lbs by the end of the week eating this way. If it works It works, if it doesn't who cares. Buffalo wing diet experiment. If it really works I may end up doing a whole month or a couple more weeks.