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The Disney Boys Are Bringing Back The Barstool Bro Show

We finally convinced Dave to hop down into the Basement and chop it up with us nerds last week for our 300th episode, and we talked Ahsoka (or Ashoshka, as Dave calls her), The Mandalorian, Andor, Dune, and more with the boss; and then we made sure to end the podcast by trying to push a #DisneyBoys Round 2 on him....

From The Fonz and Richie Cunningham to Steve Harrington and Dustin - shows where the cool kid hangs out with the nerds have been apart of the pop culture forever, and I think Dave and the nerds are the next men up....

Remember the content that came from throwing Dave on a couple roller coasters back in March?!

It wasn't all torture and misery, either - we did some real fun stuff over in Star Wars Land AKA Galaxy's Edge AKA Batuu….

I think there's HUGE potential in the Disney Boys crew hitting up DisneyLand, Universal Studios, Comic Con, and more as a new-age Barstool Bro Show. 

We all know there will never be a replacement for the Dave/Big Cat/KFC combo, so why not go in a completely different direction and just let Dave embrace his inner geek? Whaddya say?! I mean - look at the knowledge this guy is droppin….