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Matt Ryan Couldn't Even Make It Through His First NFL Broadcast Without Hearing "28-3" From Someone In The Booth

I know I've seen that look somewhere before…


Yeah I dropped two 90s references on your ass to start off this blog. Anyway, I had no clue who Andrew Catalon was before I searched "Matt Ryan Ronde Barber booth". But I'll tell you what. Andrew Catalon can work for my company any day of the week. No literally, Portnoy would LOVE to hire someone that brings up a coworker's worst moment of their career if not life during his first day on the job with an off-hand comment.

Unfortunately I'm pretty sure we're in the process of onboarding Role Tide Willy right now, so I guess Andrew will keep cashing those CBS checks while thinking of ways of sprinkling in 28-3 every week until he can make Matt Ryan go Jim Everett on him.

Actually you know what? After rewatching this video a few times, I don't know if I can blame Andrew Catalon for firing this ricochet shot at Matt Ryan's soul considering the way Ronde looked during the entire quote.

Alexa, enhance


Yup, the Barber twins are definitely agents of chaos like I imagine all sets of twins are. Tiki tried to burn down Eli's Giants career on his way out the door and Ronde tried to do the same to Matt Ryan on Matty Ice's way in the door by Inceptioning that score into his coworker's brain. Truly diabolical shit.