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Move Over Tom Cruise, Freddie The Falcon Is The Greatest Daredevil Of Our Time

Who comes to mind when I ask you to name the greatest daredevils of our time? Evel Knievel? Harry Houdini? Tom Cruise? Well, I think it's time we add Freddie the Falcon to that conversation. 

That magnificent bird woke up today feeling dangerous. He saw Desmond Ridder at quarterback and knew he needed to show up for the fans. And that he did. 

Freddie watched the tape of Rocky and made sure to not make the same mistakes. 

Instead we saw Freddie spread his wings as he soared throughout Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Next I need him to take the harness off and just go full wing suit.  

If Rocky makes over $600k a year for the Nuggets I need Freddie raking in seven figures. That's how you show up on the first NFL Sunday of the year.