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The Counting Crows Covered Taylor Swift's "the 1" in Las Vegas Last Weekend Because They Respect Greatness

Absolutely love seeing other artists with different styles cover Taylor songs. "the 1" is one of my ALL TIME favorites from the Folklore album, the opening track with the line "I'm doin' good, I'm on some new shit." Chills every time.

Speaking of Taylor Swift - did you see this STUPID FUCKING SHIT that White Sox Dave said yesterday in his blog about Zach Bryan's arrest?

To be clear, this is not a knock on Zach Bryan. I've admittedly been out of the Country Music game since college, the golden years of country music for any respectable person in their early to mid 20s, but it's obvious that he's on the come up. But can't he just...be on the come up in a regular way? Like, this isn't overnight success. He's been working on this for a long time, and he JUST released a new single with a much more famous artist, so he's top of mind at the moment. This is the perfect example of "the Barstool bubble" that a lot of people (myself included sometimes) fall victim to when you work here. We're in a vacuum on a LOT of issues, and right now I think it's safe to say Zach Bryan is one of those things. I didn't even know who he was until I found out he was dating Bri, but I did remember that he once tweeted at me in support of the "fuck Ticketmaster" debacle, so he's fine in my book. 

He just came out with a huge song with Kacey Musgraves, who I do love, so I'm sure his rocket ship is on the way up. That being said….

To think he's the most popular name IN MUSIC, IN THE WORLD, one step below TAYLOR SWIFT? You're out of your fucking mind. You're sipping the BFFs/Barstool Radio kool aid. Legitimately braindead. He is an emerging artist in the Country genre and I hope one day he IS super famous! Right now, he is not Taylor Swift, he is not Beyonce, he's not Drake, he's not Ed Sheeran, he's not Miley Cyrus, he's not Selena Gomez, he's not even Olivia Rodrigo. All people who have either been on tour or putting out new albums this year. Let's not bring the masses out to argue this STUPID FUCKING THOUGHT and take away from his journey, just like the internet loves to do. We know WSD is a huge fan, but I don't think he's gonna fuck you, bro.