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Zach Bryan Just Completed HARD Time In Prison, Broke Down His Arrest On Twitter, And Can Now Write The Perfect Country & Western Song

Gotta tip your cap to ol' Zach here: this is a fine example of how how one should face the music after getting sent to the clink for a few hours. No excuses, no FTP war cries, none of that. Just a nice little selfie video saying you fucked up. 

That said, he still has a ways to go to learn how to REALLY Papa Doc people. Like Chaps said yesterday, he should have finished the video saying, "yo... I looked fucking HOT in that mugshot though right? RIGHT??" 

But alas, he didn't. Oh well. He'll learn the next time he gets arrested. Hopefully. 

Whatever though. He's on fucking FIRE right now, basically the male Taylor Swift selling out stadiums with tickets going for THOUSANDS on the open market. Doesn't matter when and where. I mean, it's $1500 just to walk in the door for his Greenville, NC stop this year:

Hopefully Zach uses this story on his next album. Like my good friend Steve Goodman said to another good friend mine David Allan Coe, "you can't right a perfect country & western song without stories about mama, trains, getting drunk, or prison." 

And now Zach has that prison story, even if that prison story was just him being detained in a holding cell for a few hours like he's a 19 year old who got caught with a bottle of Skol and tried to run from the cops. As good as last week's album drop was, the next one should be incredible. He's really starting to become a well rounded country musician after this arrest. He's got the prison part down pat; now it's time for him to develop a hardcore addiction to pills or another illicit drug and he'll be on his way to becoming one of the GOATs. 

On another note: what in the fuck is wrong with Oklahoma police? Why in the hell are they all uppity about speeding? I've never been to Oklahoma but I imagine it's a whole lot of desolate nothing for as far as the eyes can see…of course people drive fast out there. Why wouldn't they? There's nothing in the state, nothing at all, and I'd contend they shouldn't even have speed limits. Think of it like the Autobahn.

That, and this goes without say, but everyone knows hot & famous people are above speed limits anyways. What kinda weird shit is Oklahoma into???