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Breaking Down All Things Star Wars With The Biggest Star Wars Fan At Barstool: Emperor Portnoy

Okay so maybe I was fluffing up the bossman a little bit by calling him the biggest Star Wars fan at a company with a lowkey high amount of dorks these days. But Dave taking some time out of his busy schedule to head into the basement to celebrate out 300th(!!!) episode was very much appreciated as well as a great time since Lord Portnoy can also talk nerdy with the best of them.

We dove into how Dave became a fan of Star Wars, ranked his favorite characters, got his thoughts on Ahsoka (which he pronounced multiple different ridiculous ways), made a case for a Disney Boys sequel, and heard out all his gripes about some of the tomfoolery that is going on in a galaxy far, far away like lightsabers not being instant kills when it goes through a fucking body.

 All things considered, I would say this was an absolute blast on par with the Death Star exploding and the basement door is always open for Dave to drop in to give his thoughts on The Wars. I'm not sure how often he'll walk through that door considering he has a giant media company to run and handed out wayyyyyy too many papers to be hopping on a podcast with a couple of scruffy nerf herders. But hopefully we can get him on again to talk at some point over the next 300 episodes since I think he actually enjoyed his time with us and it was about as wholesome as you will see Dave in this fucked up freakshow empire that he’s created.

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While we are in the basement, Robbie and I battled in the Basement Bowl during the first round of the 1 v. 1 Dozen Tournament. So check it out if you wanna see a couple of pals have some fun while playing trivia with each other because Jeff D. Lowe tried to pit us against each other like Anakin and Obi-Wan back in the day.