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AI Is Now Taking Over The Grammys

This is fucking WILD. An AI-generated song has been submitted to The Grammys, and it uses Drake and The Weeknd's voices. I feel like this is an absolute game changer now and should NOT be allowed? 

This can totally ruin everything about music making and could make everything seem pointless? I mean, what is the point of writing your own music now when AI can do it and win a grammy for it! It's totally bullshit in my opinion. Also, it's just fucking creepy to have a song be in your voice without you even singing it. 

I hope there is someway that Drake and The Weeknd can fight this. Are the grammy's just gonna become completely AI generated? That is gonna ruin music as a whole and I am NOT here for it! 

The song is lowkey a banger, but I do not think it should be eligible for a grammy!!!