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The Angels Getting Caught Using A Body Double For Shohei Ohtani In Their Team Picture Is The Most Angels Move Ever

Another day, another Angels blunder that has Tungsten Arm O'Doyle doing somersaults in his grave. I don't know why Shohei Ohtani wasn't at Picture Day and to be honest I don't care. There should not be a 2023 Angels team picture without Shohei Ohtani. Actually you can make a case that the 2023 Angels picture should've just been Ohtani, a handful of garbage cans, and maybe a cut out of Mike Trout. Regardless, you probably should reschedule Picture Day for the guy who was everything for your franchise on the bump and at the dish.

Instead the Angels decided to go full Angels and went with the body double route, which of course got blown up on Twitter, with this poor son of a bitch living in internet infamy as Fake Ohtani.

The discussion for most of this season is how disappointing the Angels have been. But in terms of sheer entertainment value, I would argue there has been no team better. Sure Angels fans would rather that entertainment come in wins and all the fun shit that comes along with it. But for those of us watching the dumpster fire from miles away online, they are the one franchise that can make us all feel better about our teams no matter how bad things get.

Now this is the part of the blog where I would logjam a pop culture reference in to wrap things up. But I'll let The Rocket do that since we are allowed to acknowledge his existence again.

Stay hot Rocket and never change Angels.