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After Swearing Off Steroids Months Ago, Liver King Back On Steroids

If you have been following the saga as I have, it's been huge ups and downs with Liver King. At one point I thought it was all the liver and totally not the steroids (I absolutely called it the whole time). So when it first came out he was roiding I was absolutely floored by the accusations.  

I would have never thought the man who lived by the 9 ancestral tenants could possibly betray my trust. Primals don't lie to other primals. I was floored I thought all the liver and raw organ meat I was eating was going to turn me into the red-swole bearded legend that was running around on Tik Tok and Instagram. But then Liverking made a promise to me.

He responded to the allegations and told the truth, not only that but he then went and made another promise to quit steroids. 

I was over the moon. Liverking was going to quit steroids and regain all of the trust of the primals with his actions. Thank god, We will now see how jacked you can be by just eating raw organ meat. These past couple months knowing Liverking was primal got me through some tough workouts and disgusting organ meat. But then once again I was betrayed as Liver King announced he was bck on steroids.

Now this time he isn't doing $11k a month worth of steroids, he's just doing a Joe Rogan amount of steroids. But once again Liver King has lied to my face. He lied to me on Pardon My Take then he lied again through youtube. I am once again crushed. I am throwing out all my liver and testicles I was eating because apparently raw organ meat cant give you veins popping out of your chest like you are a human boner. 

In all reality, this probably has to do with having serious health problems due to a lack of hormone replacement. 

I still cant believe he lied to my face.