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"Shock, Disgust, Happiness, Sweat, And A Little Bit Of Lust Baby" -ESPN's Interview With The Dad Who Committed Fan Interference Last Night Will Not Be Topped All Year

I love this man. Commits blatant fan interference that results in an out for the Astros and instead of getting tossed/ridiculued he gets interviewed by Buster Olney on live TV. Him and his son, new to the Houston area, at their first baseball game ever just making a memory. Sure he failed in getting him a ball, but it got them on TV. That kid will never forget that day and it's because of his awesome dad. 

"Shock, disgust, happiness, sweat, a little bit of lust baby." If every athlete used those 10 words to describe an error they made in the field I think we'd all give them a pass. Don't worry though, Houston loves him, he loves Houston, and they cannot stop this man from supporting his beloved Asteroids, just ignore the Royals hat he has on. 

All I think about after watching that clip is Steve Bartman. Obviously the stakes were astronomically higher when he committed his crime, but that dude lost everything when he interfered with a fly ball. He had to go into hiding. This guy, on the flip side, might be the new mayor of the city. Wouldn't shock me if he threw out the first pitch in a game soon. Maybe he even starts. Good on the Asteroids for not ejecting this man and his son.