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Sunday Night Breaking News!!! Will Compton Has Officially Retired From The NFL

Fresh off the press! What a news drop by Will Compton on a Sunday night when nobody has work the next day. We've gotta ask where he heard this source? Why tweet this without a source? Not sure we can believe this until we get that source. John Rich is somewhere smiling. Many franchises have multiple Super Bowls, but the Titans had Will Compton. He's this generation's Ray Lewis. Football feels a little more bleak today. The Hall of Fame speech is going to be legendary. I'm not a man of many eloquent words, so I'll leave it to Big Cat:

A beautiful tribute. And while Deion might not have had 10 toes on Will, but he did have 10 more years. But what's that saying? Heroes get remembered, but Playoff Willy will never die? Enjoy the sunset Will, and here's some people being #mean on the Internet to the greatest of our time:

This one hurts.