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In The Most Predictable News Ever The Dragon Pizza Guy Is Now Trying To Pretend To Be A Victim

I hate that I need to write this blog on a lazy Sunday morning, but the Dragon Pizza guy is doing exactly what I thought the Dragon Pizza guy would do once I posted the pizza review with him.  He is playing the role of the sad little helpless victim.   Like how could big bad Dave do this to me?  I’m just a humble pizza maker.   Shut the fuck up dude.

The 1st thing he is full of shit with is saying he won’t talk about the incident at all while simultaneously granting interviews to anybody who even glances in his direction.    I WILL NOT TALK ABOUT THIS INCICENT SO DON’T EVEN ASK.  I JUST WANT IT TO GO AWAY!   (unless you are the Boston Globe, NY Post, Rolling Stone etc or basically anybody who will defend me and publish my lies)


Ok so let’s get to some of his quotes from the guy who WILL ABSOLUTELY NOT TALK ABOUT IT.  

This is from Rolling Stone.


"Redd was vaguely familiar with One Bite, the hugely popular pizza review series created by controversial Barstool Sports CEO Dave Portnoy.  "He had heard rumors of other mom-and-pop businesses going under due to poor reviews from Portnoy, and he took issue with the central conceit of the series, as well as the bombastic, fratty persona Portnoy had built for himself.“ Redd said they “made something that is not political at all, very political.”I don’t know why he would take a disagreement about pizza and move it into the political realm. I don’t see the element of that. Redd claims, “Dave Portnoy is driving people away from my industry. I did something to stand up to something I disagree with. And that’s the American way.”


The Dragon guy was vaguely familiar with me huh?  That's weird because he posted this on his instagram last year.

That's a weird definition of vaguely familiar when you seem borderline obsessed with me before we ever met.  So let's clear up the most obvious lie that the Dragon guy keeps telling.   That his behavior towards me was about pizza not politics.  That is fantasy land and he knows it.  He had 48 hours to try and come up with examples of me being bad for the pizza industry or small business and he still can’t come up with anything.  His answer is still the NY Times or “Everything, everything, everything”.

Honestly I'd have more respect for this fatzo in a tiny shirt if he was just honest.  Just admit this wasn’t about pizza.  That you are a left wing looney tune who is obsessed with the NY Times and fit the profile of everybody on the extreme left who hates my guts.  I mean just look at the shit he was posting before he ever met me.  The guy is literally sucking the NY Times dick.  Like I've never seen anybody fellatio a newspaper before like this guy does. 


And you know what?  I'd probably still have let all his lies go if it weren't for him playing the victim role right now.  That's the part that drives me nuts.  How he is now preaching LOVE over Hate now.  I mean look at this fucking post.

DUDE YOU ARE THE TROLL!!!!   You were the one talking so much fucking shit about me before you met me, after you met me, and continually after the confrontation.   Again he posted all this shit BEFORE I published the review.

So who is the troll?  You are you little fat little asshole.   You were determined to pick a fight with me over nothing.   You decided you wanted to make a name for yourself because the NY Times said I was a bad person.  You brought all of this on yourself and you keep bringing it on.   You don’t keep poking a bear and then cry when you get mauled.  I have absolutely no sympathy for the Dragon Pizza guy.   NONE.  ZERO.   He deserves everything he gets.